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In addition to networking opportunities, Alliance members have the advantage of marketing to their target customer.    Visit the MyMemorableEvent.com website that is accessible to anyone in the local community planning an event.  Members have their own business page on the site. 

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Led by Director Marianne Windham of Windham Travel & Leisure

4th Thursday of the Month - 11:30am-1:00pm

Visitors Welcome.  The Meeting is $13 including lunch

With its own bridal expo, print magazine and online resource, MyMemorableEvent.com, the WE Alliance enables members to strategize, market together and tailor a message to reach anyone planning any type of event.  Members specialize in weddings, corporate events, kids parties and family celebrations.  

Members include: Photographers, videographers, event planners, venues, bakers, caterers, make-up artist, hair dressers and more. 

*Non-members are allowed to visit each Alliance twice.

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